How To Make More Money on eBay During The Hot Holiday Season

eBay Selling Tips to Increase Your eBay sales and make more money on eBay during the hottest buying season of the year.

  1. It is a little known fact, but the Christmas Holiday Season actually goes beyond Christmas.  Research on internet buying habits concludes that the holiday buying season starts on November 1st, peaks from November 20 to December 19 and ends on January 20th.  The period from December 26 to January 20 is one that attracts a lot of bargain hunters but sell-through rates (STR) on eBay are really high during this period.
  2. The single best way to increase your STR during the entire holiday season is to offer FREE SHIPPING. Of course you have to price this in, but research shows that free shipping promotions can increase sales anywhere from 12% to 40% depending on the product category.
  3. The next two best ways to increase sales are to offer combined shipping –this can get you multiple orders or Free Shipping on both items if you buy more than one.
  4. Once you get past Thanksgiving, always offer expedited shipping.  If you normally ship parcel post or UPS offer Priority mail, UPS 3-day select or even 2nd day air as an option –which of course you charge for.  If you are doing this be sure and select the Get It Fast icon in your eBay listings.  People do actually search by this feature.
  5. Gift services such as Ship to Gift Recipient, Enclose a Gift Card or even Gift Wrapping can increase sales.  Gift wrapping can also be an eBay profit center.  I met a seller at eBay Live in June who told me she made over $3000 extra on eBay last year by offering gift wrapping services.  She earns a 300% markup over her costs.
  6. When I sell on eBay I prefer to offer fixed shipping rates when I am not offering free shipping. I think potential bidders like to see the shipping cost displayed next to current bids when they are doing product searches.  But if you don’t offer fixed or free shipping, be sure and set up the shipping calculator in your auctions.  eBay recently improved the shipping calculator. Go to to get the info and learn how to set it up.
  7. You can now save time by printing multiple shipping labels on PayPal.  Go to to learn how.  Time is money and you can make more money on eBay by saving time.
  8. eBay runs a lot of free and reduced cost promotions during the holiday season.  Unless you check the announcements page religiously every day you will miss them.  You can get an email from eBay that gives you a heads up on the promotions.  Go to My eBay.  Under Account, click on Preferences. Then edit your Notification Preferences.  Under Newsletters, Promotions and Event Notifications, just select the Seller Promotions check box to opt in.
  9. Invite people to opt into your eBay mailing list.  If you have any excess inventory after the holidays you can have a sale and send your existing customers an email inviting them back.

Try these tips and see if they help you make more money on eBay during this hot season.

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