Make Money on eBay Selling the Unusual, Strange and Just Plain Weird. Mystery Auctions are Just The Beginning

I seldom write a blog post just to talk about a product, but this one is too good to pass up.

Have you ever noticed some of the unusual, strange and weird auctions on eBay.  More amazingly many of them sell for high prices.  I remember the Ghost in A Bottle from last year that I think sold for over $1000.  Some people have been running mystery auctions that have brough in thousands of dollars and one guy sold a Winchells Donut empty coffee cup for $2,375. And of course there was the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwice that got over 200,000 hits and sold for thousands of dollars.

eBay Mystery auctions are also hot.  They get thousands of hits and sell for unbelievable amounts of money

I just finished reading Fred Pierino’s new book, The Ultimate Guide to Sideshow Auctions.  Fred not only reviews all of the crazy things people have sold and are selling on eBay, he also shows you how to do it.  Not only that he has also created a list of 101 new crazy sideshow ideas.

There are a lot of eBooks out there on unusual ways to make money, but this is one of the most interesting and unique ones I have read.  Here is just some of what you will find in this book:

  • Where to find unlimited Sideshow Auction ideas (top 3 resources)
  •  How to test new ideas BEFORE you list them on eBay
  •  How to design a perfect auction that sells—and entertains
  •  Which items are ideal for selling the "wild & crazy" way
  •  How to build, manage, and promote every Sideshow Auction
  •  How to get thousands of visitors to add you to their "Watch List"
  •  How to establish your fame and make people remember you
  •  How to make more $$$ during, and even after your auction ends
  •  How to constantly add new people to your list of dedicated fans

The Ultimate Guide to Sideshow Auctions is chock-full of unusual, powerful, proven techniques for turning everyday items (stuff you might consider worthless) into EXTRAORDINARY eBay events that generate lots of attention—and tons of bids!

Seriously, after 3 years of research, writing, and reviewing… Fred has uncovered  the secrets for listing the kinds of auctions that most sellers only dream about. You won’t find a more thorough ebook on this subject out there. In fact, this may be the only ebook teaching this stuff.

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