New Edition of The eBay Wholesale Buying System Shows eBay Sellers How What and Where to Find Profitable Merchandise to Sell on eBay

The eBay Wholesale Buying System has been one of the best-selling books on buying wholesale for eBay sellers since 2002

I have just released a completely new edition of The eBay Wholesale Buying System.  More than an update, this is a new edition of the book that has sold more than 7000 copies to eBay sellers looking for new ways to buy wholesale to make money on eBay.

The eBay Wholesale Buying System (EWBS) is not just a directory –it is a complete system for buying wholesale for eBay.  It is also not an eBook.  The eBay Wholesale Buying System is a 160 page printed business manual that shows eBay sellers how, what and where to buy merchandise for their eBay business at true wholesale prices where a seller can actually make a profit.

The EWBS comes with several valuable bonuses including membership in the Wholesale-Resources website where members can access thousands of eBay wholesale sources online including access to several wholesale-only search engines.  There are several other free bonuses included as well.

I carefully chose suppliers who will work with small buyers and sellers. Our exclusive online directory is updated twice a month, and our print version is updated every six months.

The eBay Wholesale Buying System gives you a lot more than just a directory! It’s complete course in buying wholesale. I not only recommend specific sources to get you started, but give you clear, concise directions on how to find more sources, to fit your specific needs.

You can read more about The eBay Wholesale Buying System at

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