Buying A Book About Making Money on eBay is Like Buying An Exercise Machine

You have to use it to see the results.

The same is true with books about eBay or making money on the internet.  You have to use the information if it’s going to work. Over the years I have sold literally thousands of books about selling on eBay. I don’t have any hard data, but I am positive that a large percentage of the people who bought my books, never put them to use.

Earlier this week I relased my latest book: Ten Little Known eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do.  It has been a huge seller.  We sold several hundred copies the first few days and it continues to sell well. 

I want to thank everyone who bought a copy.  It’s not just the money I make; With all the junk for sale on the internet, there is a huge emotional reward in knowing that people trust you.  I just hope most of the people who buy the book will put it to use.

Sometimes the hardest part of any enterprise is just getting started. It’s much easier to read about something than it is to do it. I get email from people all the time who have read one of my books and weeks later they are still in the planning stage.  The answer is to this delimma is just to start.  Yes, you will make some mistakes, you will get frustrated and not all of your auctions will go well –but you have to start somewhere.  And, after gaining basic knowledge the next step is to gain experience.

So –to all of you who bought one of those Nordic Trak machines, set aside a few minutes a day to use it.  And for those of you who bought one of my books –do the same thing.  Set a time to take those photos, write your descriptions and launch your listings on eBay.

Lastly keep reading and keep learning but don’t let your reading and learning get in the way of taking action.  No matter how many books you buy you can’t make money on eBay until you actually start launching some auctions. 

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