Do you want to learn how to sell on eBay? Here is my recommended reading list.

There have been over 100 books written about eBay. Here are my top ten recommendations.

As an author of books about selling on eBay I try to read almost everything that comes out about eBay.  Over the years I have read literally several dozen books about eBay and starting an eBay business.  Besides my own books, people often ask me for recommendations about other books they should read.

Recently I set up an Amazon A-Store.  This is a special web page where Amazon associates can list books they recommend.  Of course my books are there too, but you will also find several other excellent books I highly recommend.  So Please visit my Amazon A-Store to see the list. You can click on the cover image of any of the books to read reviews. If you want to save money, some of the titles even have used copies availablle.

If you sell on eBay or are looking to make more money on eBay, get a few of these and read during your holiday down time.

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