Make More money on eBay With These End of Year Special Offers for My Readers

Special offers to save you money for my blog readers, newsletter subscribers and customers
I would like to wish all of my readers a Happy New Year.  We are taking off for a few days so I won’t post again until January 3rd. But I wanted to leave you with something.
Because I have so many subscribers and blog readers, companies often approach me with special offers for my readers.  So I wanted to collect them in one place where you can take advantage of them.  Some of these offers expire after a certain time, so if you are reading this post in January some of the links may not still work.  Here we go:
HammerTap3 is my favorite research software.  They are currently offering my readers a two-week free trial instead of the normal one-week and a permanent discount from the monthly service if you sign up at this link:
If you struggle with money or debts, Leo Quinn has created probably the best system I have seen for getting out of debt.  It’s called Own Your Own Paycheck Again.  Leo has set up a special page for my readers here that will give you a $10 discount when you check out.
Mike Enos at PlatinumPowerSeller has produced an excellent package of audio and video eBay training materials.  This is not a cheap package, but it is really complete and several of the bonuses such as jpeg magic and Feedback Maker for eBay are worth as much as the whole program.  Mike has set up a special $100 discount for my readers.  This will not last long so you may want to grab it now.
My friend, Wayne Van Dyke, who started the eBay audio program that I use and recommend, Sellers Voice, has recently launched a new product called the Simple Money Machine.
This is a solution that you can use to sell your own info products, or just to sell affiliate products. It comes with everything you need including hosting, web site and most importantly TRAINING. Check out The Simple Money Machine. This is a really cool and simple way to learn how to promote info and affiliate products and make money while you are doing it. Right now Wayne is running a 2-week trial for my readers for only $1.00.

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