Postal Thieves Steal Christmas Packages from eBay Buyers

If you bought something on eBay or other Internet sites and your package disappeared, it might be a postal theft

Yesterday here in Seattle, the police arrested a ring of postal thieves.  They were following the US Mail trucks.  Whenever the mailman dropped off a package on some one’s front porch, the thieves would swoop in and grab the package as soon as the mailman was out of sight.   A sharp eyed neighbor saw this happen and called the police.  The police followed the team and arrested them after they observed this happening.  When they searched the thieves’ home, they found over 2000 packages that had been stolen off doorsteps during the pre-Christmas week.

As I was watching this on TV, my sharp eyes noticed that many of the packages were the eBay Priority Mail boxes favored by eBay sellers.

Shipping confirmation is always a dilemma for an eBay seller. If they require a signature, buyers get upset if they are not home to sign for the package.  If they don’t, the delivery confirmation only shows the package was delivered to the zip code with no proof the buyer received the package.  I really feel sorry for those who lost items and the many sellers who will receive negative feedback because of the actions by these criminals.

Apparently this is a huge problem nationwide –not just here in Seattle.  I called a friend who works for the post office and he said that front porch theft during the Christmas season is huge –probably in the hundreds of thousands of packages each year.  It’s a small percentage when you consider the post office will deliver something like 300 million packages during the week before Christmas –but a real pain for those who lose things.

It is Christmas eve so let me wish all of my readers a very merry and blessed Christmas, Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends and a very happy and prosperous New Year to all.

Thanks to you, our customers and readers, and those who have bought from us on eBay, this has been one of our best years ever and we deeply appreciate all of you who have shown your trust in us.

I would like to give a special thanks and acknowledgment to my wife Karen. Her fans call her the shipping goddess and she is far more responsible for seven years of 100% positive feedback on eBay than anything I have done.  I would also like to thank my daughter-in-law Lisssa, who helps with research, writing and does most of my copy-editing.

Skip McGrath

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