Ten Little Known eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do

Make money on eBay with these ten little known, highly profitable eBay niche businesses that anyone can do.

Selling on eBay has become far more competitive that in the early days.  Large companies with the ability to purchase inventory in large amounts, and therefore at very low costs have entered the market.  Prices for popular consumer goods have become so competitive that it is very difficult for the little guy to make money.  Yet, thousands of little guys –and gals, are making money on eBay every day.  What is their secret?

The secret is niche marketing.  These sellers work in hundreds of small, yet highly profitable niches that hold no interest for the big guys.

If you look back through earlier posts on this blog and past issues of my newsletter, The eBay Seller’s New, you will see dozens of articles about niches that I have written about before. 

I get so many emails from both new and experienced eBay sellers who are struggling to find a product to sell.  My standard answer has always been to find one of these small niches to work in, but people wanted more. So last month I got to work on a new product:  Ten Little Known eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do

I usually sell printed business manuals, but a few months ago I wrote another business manual called How To Create and Sell Information Products on eBay.  So I decided to make my new book an electronic information product delivered in Adobe PDF format.  This way you get your book instantly and you can still print it out and lay it open next to your computer while you are working.

The ten different businesses listed in Ten Little Known eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do cover ten different and very distinct eBay businesses.  I researched and designed them to appeal to a wide range of people who want to make money on eBay –both men and women, those working part time or full time and those just starting out on eBay.  None of them are designed to make you wealthy. Some of them are good for a few extra hundred dollars a week, while others could make $2000 or $3000 a month if worked to their full potential.  A few of them are possible to work together so you could do more than one. But all of them are guaranteed to generate profits on eBay if you just follow the simple instructions.

As with all of my other products this one also comes with a no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

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