Use eBay to Lower Your Holiday Drinking Costs

Here is a way to use eBay to lower the cost of your holiday cheer by selling Liquor Company collectibles on eBay.

I enjoy a glass of good Scotch Whiskey once in a while.  I like some of the expensive malt whiskies, but one of my favorite Scotch blends is Famous Grouse.  I was at the Washington State Liquor store last week and saw a special holiday display.  The normal price of Famous Grouse here in WA is around $24.  The special offer was a bottle of Famous Grouse packaged with a hardback copy of The Whisky Bible by Jim Murray for $23.95.  I already had an old paperback copy so I decided to sell the book on eBay.  It sold very quickly for $9.99.  That brought the total cost of my bottle of Famous Grouse to $13.96.

If you visit your local liquor store this time of year you will see dozens of liquor brands with special offers like this one.  Some of them come with special commemorative glasses, bar sets, flasks, playing cards, poker chips, bar coasters and towels and so on.  Almost all of these items are of interest to collectors and sell on eBay very easily.  A lot of these items are listed between now and the middle of January.  So if you keep them until February or later, you should be able to make more money on eBay from them as they are collected all year around.

If you want to see the variety of liquor company collectibles sell on eBay, just go the the collectibles > Advertising > Distillery category page. 

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