Best Offer Makes eBay Fun Again (and Increases Your Sales)

The new version of Best Offer makes it a viable, fun option for both buyers and sellers
Many sellers don’t realize that Best Offer has been completely revamped. The only system where a buyer could only make one offer and the seller must accept or reject it are long gone.
Now you can actually haggle which is what I think Best Offer should be about.
You can set your preferences to auto-reject offers below a certain amount to save you from wasting time and effort with ridiculously low offers.
Once you get an offer you can accept, reject or counter it. The best option is to counter. And now the bartering begins. The buyer can accept or counter your offer. Each offer is good for 24 hours. After that you have to start again.
TO be successful using Best Offer you should list your Buy It Now price a bit higher than you want to get for the item. That allows for the haggling process and lets the buyer feel like they got a deal by “talking you down.”
Try to make it fun. Make a point in your auctions that you enjoy the bartering process and reinforce that when you respond to their first offer. This may be the first time the buyer has ever used Best Offer. If you make it a fun experience and they end up feeling like they got a deal, they are more likely to add you to their favorite sellers.
Make a point of adding in your end of auction email that you enjoyed haggling with them and you hope they will come back and look at your other items (and add a link to both add to favorite sellers and to your other items/store). You’d be amazed at how many extra sales you get from this.
You do have to be at your computer throughout the process though. The buyer will get bored and go somewhere else if you take all day to respond. The thrill in Best Offer is going back and forth relatively quickly, so make sure you have the time to devote to it to be successful. But in the end, have some fun with it. It’s fun for you as a seller too and makes the sale far more personal than if the buyer just used Buy It Now.


Don’t forget eBay is offering a 20 cent listing day for Auction-Style and Fixed Price listings today until midnight!

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