Free eBay tools and Helpful Links for eBay Sellers

Build your eBay business and save time and make money on eBay with some of these free useful tools and accessories.

One bit of news before I get started.  I just received an email from eBay announcing  a one-cent listing week.  I fell for it and it was a spoof.

Fortunately I recognized it within minutes and immediately changed my password.  I thought it was strange that it was not on the eBay announcement board and thought well maybe its a special promotion for power sellers only, so I bit.

I am very aware and careful of eBay spoofs and can’t believe I got taken in by this one.  Fortunately I recognized it immediately before they could do any damage.

Free eBay Tools to Build Your Business

eBay Toolbar: If you are a regular buyer or sell on eBay you should have the eBay toolbar to save time and prevent access to phising websites.

Free eBay Auction Sniping Tool: This is a free sniping tool to help you win auctions at the last second.

Important eBay Links

The eBay site map is so large it takes a lot of time to find important pages.  You should set up a special favorites folder in your browser and bookmark all of these pages:

eBay Announcements:

Find a member:

Find a Bidder:

eBay Fees:

eBay Store Fees:

eBay Motors Fees:

eBay PowerSeller Main Page:

Cancel Bids:

End Listing Early:

Note: I used for the above two links because they were extraordinarily long. When you click on these links you will be asked to sign in. You can tell you are really on eBay because the link starts with https not http as the phishing scammer sites do.  But if you are not comfortable using these links –then don’t!  Just go to the eBay site map, find the page and then bookmark it.

eBay Seller Central:

Block a  Bidder or  Buyer:

I hope you find this information helpful to making more money on eBay by saving time and building your eBay business.

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