Day Job Killer, Corrected Links

My item from Feb 6 had some bad links. Here is the article with the correct links.

The Day Job Killer is the Latest Product from the Creator of Project X.
This is not for everyone. But if you want to make money from affiliate programs and Google AdSense You will want to see this.
This blog is for eBay sellers, but a lot of my readers also have websites and like to earn money from affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.  Last year, Rob XYZ (He is a 34 year-old affiliate guru from the NYC who won’t reveal his name) came out with a product called Project X that I used to increase my income from Google AdSense and my affiliate banners by over 200%.
The Day Job Killer is his latest product and it just launched today.  It sells for $77 today through Thursday and then the price will go up to $97 or possibly more.  I just got a look at it and its worth every penny.  Warning these are not techniques for the squeamish.  They are all honest –nothing illegal or unethical –but this is Gorilla marketing at its best.  Now don’t buy this if you aren’t ready to work at it.  It will take you a couple of hours to study the material, you will have to invest some time in learning how Google AdSense works if you don’t already use it, and then it will take a few hours to set up your ads.  But if you are ready to invest the time, he can show you how to make money from Google AdSense and Clickbank even if you don’t have a web site –and how to really drive affiliate income if you do have a blog or a web site. Click here to learn more about the Day Job Killer.

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