eBay Live 2007 Registration is Open!

Discounts for early registration to eBay’s yearly convention this time in Boston, MA.
In years past you could show up at the convention center and register for eBay Live on the day it started. Last year, however, many eBay sellers (and buyers) plans were messed up when eBay Live tickets sold out over a month before the event. This is the first time that has ever happened but is something to consider this year.
Registration is now open for eBay Live which is being held at the Boston Convention Center from June 14 – 16. The regular cost is $100 per person, but if you register before April 6th you can get a $40 discount and only pay $60 each.
If you are planning to attend, please look at the cost of hotels too because Boston is more expensive than many other cities eBay Live has been held in.
Having said that, I really recommend you attend if you can. It’s a great way to network and build your eBay business and meet other people who buy or sell on eBay.
It’s also a great time to talk to the eBay “Pinks” and get answers to questions you might have as well as learning about eBay selling tools you are not familiar with yet.
A new feature this year is the eBay bookstore where you will find many of the non-eBay published books about buying and selling on eBay. Stay tuned for more news about this.

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  1. Why are you talking about the ebay live 2007 registration? This is the year of 2018 and it is ending shortly.
    Are you referring to March of 2019? That will probably be the last of ebay in the marketplace.

    1. Author

      You are looking at a very old post

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