eBay Motors Gets Overhauled

eBay Motors is being redesigned to make it more user-friendly for eBay Buyers which will help eBay sellers in this market
Yesterday eBay announced some radical changes to eBay Motors. The most obvious is the redesigned homepage. From the screenshots it looks pretty good to me. It’s more user-friendly for buyers who aren’t sure what they want. They can now easily search by vehicle type (sedan, coupe, SUV, etc.) as well as make and model. There are also new additions to the navigation bar at the top of each page. Now it will be much easier for buyers to navigate to other main categories. All five of the top-level categories have their own tab at the top of the page. This can only be good news for eBay sellers because easier navigation means it is easier for buyers to find the items they are selling on eBay Motors.
The fee structure for eBay Motors was modified slightly last month with the Transaction Fee (think Final Value Fee) being increased to $50 from $40, but with the extra exposure sellers will get from this redesigned site, I think that is well worth it.
There is very little change for eBay sellers. The Sell Your Item form is the same, and the services offered are the same. However, sellers may want to reexamine their eBay business strategy with the changes in exposure for their listings. I am hoping we will see fewer reserve auctions since there will be more demand.
Another feature is a redesigned listing page. Now there will be tabs on the page to take the buyer to stock information (including pictures) as well as used value prices using Kelley Blue Book (www.kbb.com). Personally, I wish they were using the used values from NADA (www.Nadaguides.com) because this is what most dealerships now use, or even list all of the prices from various sites. Still, that is something sellers can put in their item description.
Changes to eBay Motors include:

  • New homepage design
  • Search by vehicle type from homepage
  • Revamped search results page showing more details about the item
  • New refine search options including exterior color, transmission type, and more
  • Buyer checklist to increase awareness of obligations, options and safety
  • Redesigned listing page with more stock information as well as used prices from Kelley Blue Book.

A small portion of eBay users will begin seeing the new version of eBay Motors later this month, but the full rollout won’t happen until later in Spring (according to eBay).
To read the full announcement from eBay click here.

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