Good News for Sellers

Sales on are being retroactively counted towards eBay PowerSeller status.

eBay has been trying to get media sellers back over to for most of 2006. One of the big complaints from eBay sellers has been that their sales don’t count towards targets on eBay. Now this has changed.

eBay is now including sales from in the totals for PowerSeller status. But it gets better. Remember all of those pre-Christmas sales you had? Well, they count. Any sales on back to November 2006 count towards your PowerSeller status. Why November? To qualify for PowerSeller status you must hit $1000 in sales each month for three months. November is exactly three months ago. So, if you did well in those three months, you may find yourself becoming an eBay PowerSeller next month!

I have to say, eBay has been making a lot of positive changes so far this year, and this is another one to add to the barrel. I really think they have been listening to eBay business owners and have made their changes accordingly.

You can read the full announcement from eBay here.

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