Where Did the eBay UK Listings Go?

eBay’s reducing the number of UK listings on eBay.com is good news for eBay sellers in the US.

Over the next few weeks you will likely notice a reduction in eBay UK listings in your search results pages. For the past few years eBay sellers who list on eBay.co.uk also had their listings show on eBay.com searches. But as eBay.co.uk has increased in popularity and the listing volume has significantly increased, this is no longer feasible.

eBay is reducing the number of UK listings displaying in searches on eBay.com. You will still see some, but not all of them. eBay UK sellers who want to guarantee that their listing displays on eBay.com will have to list the item specifically on eBay.com. This is still in testing, so it might take a while to be in full effect.

This is a good change for eBay.com sellers because it will bring the native listings higher in the search results so you should get better visibility. Personally, I usually set my Search Options to US Only for shipping cost purposes unless there are very few US results, so this will save me a step. It’s not such good news for eBay.co.uk sellers. Still, this has always been a bit of an added bonus, and they do have the option of listing directly on eBay.com.

For more information from eBay.co.uk click here.

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