Combined Shipping Discounts Improve Cross-Promotions

Tools for eBay sellers to increase their average number of sales per buyer

eBay has been coming out with some really useful changes recently.  The most recent is changes to the Combined Shipping Discounts feature. 

eBay sellers will be able to offer promotional prices such as "Spend $25 and get shipping for $5" and eBay will keep track of it so the buyer (or seller) does not have to make changes come Checkout time.

Sellers will also be able to change the discounts available for each item. So if you sell heavy items as well as light items you can charge more for a heavy item added to a shipment with a light item. Yes, you’ve been able to do this before, but it’s actually integrated into eBay and your auction now.

Buyers will also see more messages promoting your other items and the discounts they could receive by purchasing more from you.

There is no better time to get your cross-promotions set up correctly. You can edit which items show up after a buyer purchases from you, so make sure that items are related (if you sell a digital camera, have your tripod, camera bag, flash attachments, etc. as your cross-promotions listings). The more relevant your cross-promotions are to the sold item, the more likely the buyer will click through and buy one of them.

I don’t know when these features will become active, but there is a workshop scheduled for April 13th to explain them, so I expect it will be at least a week before then (hopefully earlier).

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