Custom FAQs on eBay

This under utilized tool can save eBay sellers a lot of time and effort

Back in 2006 eBay launched a feature called Custom Frequently Asked Questions. It basically allows you to have a list of FAQs that display above the message box whenever a buyer clicks Ask Seller a Question from your auctions.

This is a really useful, and highly underused feature. Sellers who are running a proper eBay business, or have another full-time job, simply don’t have time for the questions that keep coming up and are so easy to respond to. The challenge has always been trying to still remain polite and not sound like the response is canned.

By using the custom FAQs you can give a little more information than is appropriate in your listing and save you some time. If the auction is nearing the end, you might catch a few extra bids that you would otherwise lose.

It’s a very easy feature to turn on:

  1. Go to
  2. Now select the box marked Include frequently asked questions (FAQs) that I create.
  3. Then just scroll down and create your FAQs and click Submit when you’re done.

You can also select the option to have your Item Specifics show on this page. This is useful if your buyers often don’t read the Item Specifics section on your auction page, or if common questions would easily be answered by looking at them. 

Really, the purpose of setting up custom FAQs is to save you time. Answer shipping questions, combined shipping terms, payment options, etc. Remember, the FAQs will show on the Ask Seller a Question page for all of your auctions so your FAQs should be general. The Item Specifics is for information specific to that particular auction.

This is a really useful tool which far too few eBay sellers utilize. So try it out. It’s not going to lose you bids, and it might catch a few extra.

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