eBay makes changes to be fairer to all eBay sellers in the UK

I’ve been covering some of the eBay UK information because I have many readers from the UK, also many US eBay sellers also sell on the UK site so the information is relevant to them too.

eBay UK has made a good functionality change which I haven’t seen on the US site yet, but I think is likely to appear shortly.

When a listing is first posted it will show at the top of a category/search results page when the sort order is Time: Newly Listed. However, there are times when there is a delay in the listing because of high volume or other issues. In those circumstances, these listings may not ever show at the top of the results pages because they were technically "listed" before they actually showed up on the site.

So, to counter this eBay UK has changed the order the listings display to reflect the time they showed up on the site, not the actual time they were listed. This won’t affect any listings other than the ones that were unavoidably delayed in posting. The option in the Sort By menu will remain the same.

I think this is being piloted on eBay UK and, if all goes well, it will end up being rolled out on the US site as well. So stay tuned!

On another note, I reported that eBay UK would be begining Feedback 2.0 at the end of February. I am still looking out for it. I think it may be a pilot group because as far as I can tell it hasn’t been rolled out site-wide yet.

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