eBay's New Feedback System 2.0 Not Being Received Well by Sellers

eBay rolled out its new feedback system in the UK. So far acceptance by sellers has been lukewarm
Feedback 2.0 is the first major change to the eBay feedback system in ten years. eBay decided to use our friends in the UK and Australia as a beta test before rolling it out in the North American market.
The biggest change is the ability of buyers to rate sellers on shipping, communications and item description using a 5-star system –but the rating is completely anonymous –you have no idea which buyer rated you or why. So a buyer could leave you positive feedback, even post a nice comment and then hit you with a one-star rating. The other major change is that the item purchased and the purchase price shows up alongside the feedback comment.
I spent some time on the eBay UK message boards reading posts and asking sellers for their opinions.  To be fair, some sellers liked it, but overall the reaction was mostly negative.
Buyers mostly like it or are ambivalent, but even some buyers are negative due to privacy concerns.  The feedback system shows the item title, who bought it and what they paid for it.  Buyers of collectibles who are very competitive don’t like this feature.  Other buyers just don’t like the idea of someone seeing everything they purchased and what they paid for it.
The bad news for US and Canadian eBay sellers is that we will not have any input into the system.  eBay is using their experience in the UK and Australia to make decisions on the system for our market.  The new system will be rolled out soon and sellers will scream.  This happens every time something changes on eBay, but in the past eBay has run beta tests and sought input from users.  This time we get no input.
If you want to see how the new feedback system works, go to eBay UK and click on an auction listing. Then click on the seller’s feedback number.

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