How Daylight Savings Affects eBay Sellers

Yes, it’s that time again, and no, you’re not going crazy if you think it’s a bit earlier this year. We’re adjusting our clocks about 3 weeks earlier than last year. So how does this affect your eBay business? Well, it’s only the U.S. that’s making this change early, so International buyers will be an hour off from the usual timezone difference for a few weeks. This can be frustrating when you are looking at ending times for auctions.

If you have a lot of International buyers, you might want to adjust your ending time so they are not affected.

If you happen to have an auction ending tomorrow, it will end one hour after you listed it. So if you listed your auction to end at 7pm tomorrow night, it will actually end at 8pm. In fact, all auctions scheduled to end after 2am will have an extra hour added to them.

If you do adjust your ending times for International buyers, remember, those that recognize Day Light Savings Time will make the change 3 weeks from now. So, you’ll need to make the changes back again at that point.

If you have an older computer (not purchased in the last 2-3 years) you will likely not get an update to automatically change your clock. It’s very important that you sync the clock correctly. So, after the time change, resync your computer clock with eBay Time. This will prevent any mistakes in listing times. Watch it though, if your clock is set to automatically adjust for Day Light Savings Time, you will have to adjust it again in 3 weeks or you will end up another hour ahead then.

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