Learn How To Succeed on eBay From Two Irish Power Sellers

I always stress the learning the basics well when trying to teach others how to sell on eBay.

Karen was surfing YouTube the other day and came across a short video of a charming Irish couple, Davoc and Anne, who are very successful eBay power sellers.  If you watch the video, and listen to their advice, you will find that they stress the basics like building feedback, providing a personal touch, dealing with small high-value items that are easy to ship and other great tips.

I get emails every week from people who question if it is still possible to make a living on eBay or make money on eBay.  When you watch this video you will see two delightful –but otherwise everyday people, just like you or me who are actually making very good money on eBay.  They have succeeded by focusing on a niche market and delivering great personal service.

Here is a link to the video and here is a link to their About Me Page on eBay.  Take a few minutes to watch the video, look at their About Me Page and then look at their auctions and the feedback comments people have left about them. I think you will find it very instructive and motivating.  If you listen carefully one of the most important pieces of advice that Davoc gives is to just get started. You have to start somewhere, so selling that first item is the most important step.

Lastly – please respect their privacy and don’t bombard them with questions.  I am sure they created the video for your educational enlightenment but they also have a business to run.

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