New Search Results Page Goes Back into the Vault

eBay is reverting all of the test search results page features back to the old version in the next few days

It’s the announcement some eBay buyers have been waiting for – they will be able to see the old eBay search results page again. There has been a huge buzz about this on the discussion boards with many buyers feeling disgruntled and saying they are not bidding as much as they were simply because of the new design and features. This is not good news for eBay sellers!

Only a portion of eBay users were in this test group. Some saw the entire page, others only some of the features. But the overall feeling seemed to be that there was still a lot of work to be done before this was ready to be implemented site-wide. EBay pulled the new search results page from some international sites because of the negative feedback they received from users. It appears they have done the same on

Officially the word is that the test period is over, but usually that immediately preceeds the site-wide roll out of the feature. Not so this time. So who knows what will happen with the new design and features. Maybe it will get resurrected, maybe only parts of it will, but for now those affected buyers can rest assured that eBay will be back to normal for them in the next few days.

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