Special Offers From eBay To Help Get Spring Sales Jumping

Tomorrow, March 14th, eBay is offering a 20 cent listing day for auction-style listings. I see these quite often and they always fall on a Wednesday. It’s quite obvious why eBay offers this, because Wednesday is the slowest day for eBay sales. So, even though you may make a buck or two on the listing fee, as an eBay seller, you really need to look at your research to decide if it is worth taking advantage of this type of promotion.

In general, the best way to take advantage of these special listing offers that start on a Wednesday is to run a 5 day auction. This ends your auction on a Monday which is the best of the options (3 or 10 day auctions would end on a Saturday, 7 day auctions would end on a Wednesday).

Many new sellers (those who would be particularly attracted by a special offer) use the default for the auction duration (7-day) which ends the auction on the worst possibly day (Wednesday).

At the end of the day, if you are listing your items for under $9.99, you’re only saving a maximum of 20 cents in one of these promotions. So, keep the cost savings in perspective.

Another promotion that was announced a couple of days ago is a free 30 day trial for eBay Stores. It’s interesting to me that after moving away from the eBay Store market, now we are seeing more promotion for sellers to use it. I think the basic plan behind the fee increase we saw for eBay Stores last year helped weed out the sellers who were just parking slow moving merchandise. Now eBay is trying to attract higher quality sellers (i.e. sellers who use their fixed price listings in conjunction with their auctions and actually offer decent items there).

For more information about the eBay Stores free 30 day trial click here.

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