To Feature –Or Not To Feature? That is the question.

eBay listing feature services are expensive. Are they worth it? The answer is critical to making money on eBay

There are three types of featured auctions on eBay.

  • Home Page Featured costs $39.95 for a single item and $79.95 for a Dutch auction.
  • Featured Plus (also known as category featured) costs $19.95 irrespective of quantity.
  • The third type is Gallery Featured which also costs $19.95.

Home Page Featured auctions are randomly selected to appear on the Featured display area on the eBay Home page and in the Featured Items section of the category’s home page. These display areas are updated throughout each day.

eBay does not guarantee that your item will appear on the Home page or in the Featured Items section of category home pages. The appearance of a specific item in these areas depends on the probability of your item being selected randomly from among all of the current Home Page Featured Auctions at any given time. For this reason, whenever I feature an item on eBay’s home page, I always use a ten-day listing duration.  Although this costs a small extra fee ($0.40) also, the extra time improves your chances of actually being listed on the home page.

The home page feature can really attract a lot of hits to an auction but it is somewhat of a gamble. If your listing happens to hit during the hot early afternoon and evening hours, your listing will be seen by millions of people. But if it hits at 3:00AM, you won’t get nearly as many hits.

Obviously with the cost at $39.95 you only want to use this for expensive items where you will make much more than that on the sale.  I once tried selling a diamond ring for a lady on consignment.   I ran the listing twice with no success (Each llisting got about 60 hits). But when I used home page featured it must have been featured at a good time because I got over 600 hits and the ring sold for about $200 more than I expected.  So this can be a good value but it is something to use rarely.

Featured Plus auctions guarantee that your item will be listed in the Featured Items section of the category home page for the auction’s duration. With Featured Plus you do not get rotated onto the eBay home page. Also, you should note that you are featured at the top of the page your listing would normally fall on, so if you have a lot of items in your category, you may only be on the first page for the last few hours of your auction. Nevertheless I use this option a lot –especially for Dutch auctions or fixed price listings where I have several items for sale.  For example one of my standard products sells for $97. I usually list about 10 items at a time in a fixed price listing.  When I use Featured Plus I usually sell between 4 and 6 items and ocassionally more.  But when I don’t use it, my sales drop into the 1 to 2 range.

Once again the cost of this feature makes it essential you are selling something of value that will easily cover your costs.

Gallery Featured gives you a bigger picture in the Gallery and features you at the top of the page in the same way the Featured Plus option does. I rarely use this option as it is too expensive, but I always use the Gallery photo at just 35-cents because it gets more people to click on your listing when they do a search. I would only use this feature if I were selling a high-value luxury item, piece of art or antique –and the product was something that had an interesting and stunning photograph that would attract bidders.

Understanding eBay’s fees and what they can do for you is critical to your success on eBay. Here is a link to the eBay Fee Schedule.

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