A Highly Profitable Product That Requires No Inventory or Shipping (and it's not from a dropshipping company)

How to use the knowledge you already have to create a product that sells itself

eBay sellers are always looking for the next "big thing" to sell on eBay. A friend of mine dabbles in a variety of different product types (pretty much whatever she finds at a good wholesale price) and she’s a successful PowerSeller. Last week she and I were talking about products and she was looking for something new.

I suggested rather than spending the time researching and trying to find a new product, she use that time to create a product that she could sell time and time again without any inventory cost to her.

She is an expert in a particular type of real estate but had never considered this as a "niche" for her. Now, my regular readers know how important I think "niche" businesses are. She was suprized when I suggested she write an eBook for buyers on that subject. "Do you think anyone would be interested?" She asked me. The answer to her (and to you if you’re a specialist in a particular area) is absolutely.

The wonderful thing about an eBook is that once you’ve spent the time creating it, you have a completely cost free product. No inventory costs, no shipping, just list it and the profit is yours for the taking. This is a great way to keep your business active and keep feedback coming in if you don’t have much time for eBay for a few months. You can also update the book anytime you want.

Many people (like my friend) don’t realize that they are specialists in a particular area. She has been in this industry for over 20 years, yet never considered it. For her the information is second nature, but she never thought about it. It took an outsider looking in to suggest it.

The same is true for any seller. I sell an eBook about Niche businesses if you’re really stuck for ideas, but the likelihood is that you are an expert in something. New parents who know all the "current" products and where to get the best deals, Techies who know everything about computers and software, real estate gurus, woodwork or metal work specialists, etc. It doesn’t matter what you do, there is probably the market for a book about it on eBay.

One good way to market your book is to write a Review or Guide about it on eBay. You can use a short exerpt or a summary, whichever you prefer. Then make sure to let the reader know you have a full-length eBook about the topic available for sale. eBay links to a few of your active auctions on the Review or Guide page so they may well be able to link straight through from there.

I know one seller who is an expert about a particular brand of clothing. She wrote a very good guide to spotting fakes of that brand. She could have given a brief overview and then sold the main guide and I’m certain people would have bought it. But her reasoning for doing it was to lend credibility to her business. She is a seller of that brand, so by explaining how to catch fakes, she is making her buyers more confident that she is selling genuine articles.

Whatever you end up writing about, remember not to overprice it. It’s much better to sell 10 copies at $9.95 than only 3 at $19.95. 

For more information about creating an eBook and specifics on how to do it (and eBay’s rules) check out one of my newer books,  How to Create and Sell Information Products on eBay, and learn the tips and tricks I’ve been using for the last 7 years in this market.

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