Do you need money to fund your eBay business or buy wholesale product for eBay?

eBay Auction Pros is a group of successful eBay sellers who are investing their money into helping eBay members and others raise money for their business, pay off creditcard debt, consolidate loans and provide money for projects like buying a house.

Prosper is a Person to Person (P2P) lending community started by some ex-eBay employees and funded by Pierre Omidyar’s venture capital group.

Personal lending has arrived on the internet and regular people like you and I can now borrow and loan money directly to one another via a secure and community based online marketplace  that completely cuts out banks, brokers and middlemen.

Once you register and join the eBay auction Pro’s Group, members place loan listings on Prosper just like listing an auction on  eBay. You explain why you need the money and how you will pay it back. You even name the maximum interest rate you are willing to pay. Lenders –who are people, not banks—bid on an opportunity to fund part or all of the your loan.

Here are some of the things you can use the money for:
– Purchase eBay inventory
– Consolidate your debt
– Pay off high interest credit cards
– Get out from under Payday loans
– Home improvment
– Expand your business

And remember, you name your own interest rate!

You can borrow on Prosper without joining a group, but members of groups pay 3% less in interest on average than borrowers who do not join groups on Prosper.

Prosper is basically an auction for personal loans, with other people competing to lend you their money.  Borrowers post a listing describing their loan, how much they want to borrow and the highest interest rate they are willing to pay.  Lenders then bid for a portion of the loan amount and the lowest interest rate they are willing to accept in return.  Once enough bids are in to cover the loan amount, the interest rate can be bid down if enough lenders are willing to accept a lower rate.

The service has been available to the public since February 2006 and has originated over $50 million in loans.  It was co-founded by Chris Larsen, who previously founded and was CEO of E-LOAN.  One of the venture capital firms that have invested in is Omidyar Network which was established by Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay.

The eBay Auction Pros Group seeks both borrowers and lenders.  Borrowers can get funding for a wide range of needs including those with challenged credit who need money to rebuild their credit, consolidate loans, pay off hight interest credit card or payday loans.  Lenders can earn excellent rates of return with low risk by spreading their lending over several loans. you don’t have to be an eBay seller to join our group –everyone is welcome.

Click here to join eBay Auction Pros and start borrowing and lending today.

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