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I got an email from one of my readers yesterday who is struggling to understand affiliate marketing and how he could incorporate it into his website and eBay auctions. I was about to send him links to some books I recommend,(see below) when I decided to do a Google search and see what else was out there. I found a link on Wikipedia for affiliate marketing that was excellent.  A lot of wiki posts are pretty basic and short, but this one is a complete overview of affiliate marketing and a really good primer for getting started.
Here is the link to the Wiki article.
Now, you will need some more information if you want to learn enough about affiliate marketing to generate some income and to learn how it works on eBay.  But, this article is a great place to start. It really covers the basics and the affiliate marketing vocabulary which can be a bit confusing. The other related subject, creating AdSense income, requires some different techniques that are not covered in the article, so I have some resources on them listed below.
When looking for information about making money with affiliate programs there is a lot of junk out there. Some programs are run by real charlatans who don’t know what they are talking about. I know –I have purchased a lot of them and been burned. So, here are some good books, programs and resources I strongly recommend.  I use these myself and all of them come with a money back guarantee.
The Silent Sales Machine and Turning Auction Traffic into Cash by Jim Cockrum are two of the best books on the subject of legally using eBay to generate income from affiliate programs. You can get either book, or select a special deal on both when you click on the order button.
Jim has also launched a new membership site that I am involved in as one of his contributing experts.  It’s called My Silent Team.  This is a way to learn about eBay, website marketing, affiliate marketing and making money from Google AdSense with some hands on help from experts.  You can post questions and get your questions answered by real experts as well as access thousands of dollars of materials that you would have to pay for if you bought them separately.
High Performance Affiliate Marketing by Jeremy Palmer is easily the best overall book on the subject –and he is running a 50% off special now.  I use this book constantly for reference and ideas. High Performance Affiliate Marketing is a recipe book that will show you everything you need to know to generate massive profits as an affiliate. Fast track your learning and take advantage of an experienced, credible, and well-known Super Affiliate. Jeremy sold over $1,000,000 as a Commission Junction affiliate last year and really knows what he is talking about.
Lastly –one of the best and most unique programs I have come across is called The Day job Killer. This one is a little pricy –but the techniques are easily the most up to date.  I almost doubled my AdSense income after just the first few chapters.

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