Instant eBay Niche, Sellers Making Money with Don Imus Nappy Headed Hos Tee Shirts

I am surprised and will be surprised if eBay lets this go on very long, but eBay entrepreneurs have jumped on the Imus scandal to create and launch products
The instant Tee Shirt business is a cultural phenomena.  Almost any topic that pops up in the news will generate a slew of entrepreneurs who create Tee Shirts and other merchandise.  The same thing happened when the Anna Nicole Smith tragedy was unfolding.
Some of the Tee Shirts are humorous, many in bad taste –but all of them are getting hits and bids.  Some of the auctions I looked at had hit counters going through the roof. One of the cute ones I saw had a photo of Edgar Allen Poe (who wore the early 20th century version of an Afro) with the legend, Nappy Headed Poe. I went to look at it again a while ago and it was gone –snapped up with a BIN sale.
Some sellers are Tee Shirt companies with their own equipment who can design a new shirt and produce it overnight.  Other sellers are using CafePress, a company that allows you to design a shirt online and they will produce it and drop ship to your customers.  CafePress also has an online store where sellers can offer their designs.  When I looked there were five pages of Nappy Headed Hos designs for sale.
As I was writing this post I just heard on the news that Imus met with the Rutgers Basketball team and they had forgiven him. It’s a little too late for Imus though, as he was fired by CBS yesterday. I feel a little sorry for the Rutger’s Girls; it is one thing for Imus to attack a star or pubic figure, but quite another to dump on a bunch of kids. But in all of this, I really feel sorry for the women of the Tennesee Volunteers team who actually won that game.  Everyone has forgotten them and their great win is lost in the noise. Unfortunately no one is buying their victory Tee Shirts which is a shame.

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