Why Does Kim Komando Hate eBay?

Computer diva Kim Commando claims to “love eBay,” but she trashes it every chance she gets. Kim should learn how eBay works or just shut up!
I was listening to the radio today while I was sitting here writing descriptions for some new collectibles I am listing on eBay when the Kim Komando Minute came on. The Kim Komando Minute is a little one-minute teaser that comes on the radio between programs to promote her web site and radio show.
Today’s teaser started out something like: “I love eBay, but I would never buy art, antiques, collectibles or stamps and coins there because you will probably get ripped off.”  Then Kim added that she would never buy software on eBay because most of it is pirate or grey market software.
I haven’t sold software on eBay but I have purchased it and every time it was genuine properly licensed software that has yet to cause me a problem. Over the years I have also sold thousands of dollars worth of antiques and collectibles on eBay –in fact this category is one of the largest and highest selling categories and the category where eBay actually got its start.
Have people sold fakes on eBay –of course they have.  But there are also plenty of fakes selling on other online venues and in fact many antique and collectible shops around the country routinely sell fakes –either knowingly or unknowingly.
I was in the antique business for 10 years running a high-end little antique shop in the Hudson Valley of New York.  I became pretty expert at spotting fakes, but was nevertheless stuck with things on a couple of occasions.  Once I unknowingly sold an expensive fake 18th century silver spoon. It looked very good to me but the buyer took it to an expert who pronounced it a fake.  When the buyer brought it back to me, I immediately refunded her money and destroyed the spoon. This is what ethical dealers do.
The problem of fakes and counterfeit goods is serious but it is still a tiny percentage of the merchandise sold oneBay. In fact, eBay spends tons of money and effort finding and shutting down auctions for fake goods.
Could eBay do better –probably, but at what point do these efforts start to hurt legitimate sellers who make the platform what it is. At some point people have to be responsible for themselves. There are usually tip-offs to people selling fakes.  I would never buy something expensive from someone with a new account, low feedback or someone that doesn’t take PayPal or Credit Cards.  If you stick with PayPal verified sellers eBay gives you protection up to $2000. It is not that hard to protect yourself as millions of buyers know who use eBay every day.
So Skip to Kim – People look up to you as a teacher. Stop frightening everyone with your ignorant comments.  Take a few minutes to learn how eBay works, how buyers can protect themselves and then teach them how to do it.

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