Does Meg Whitman Have Rhythm?

Meg Whitman, the CEO of eBay, runs one of the world’s most successful and important e-commerce sites –so this is not an unimportant question.
I was going to do this post last night after the event but I decided to let it marinate a while.  The night before last, Karen and I were invited to the eBay Top Sellers event that I wrote about in yesterdays’ post.  eBay invited their top sellers to an exclusive, intimate dinner (wonderful food by the way) and cocktail reception at the top of the Boston Convention Center (One of  the best convention centers I have been to) for an evening of smoozing with top eBay managers and execs followed by a concert by the brilliant Bruce Hornsby.
The last time eBay did something like this was at the 2003 eBay Live in Orlando when they held a small party for their Titanium PowerSellers.  That was a much smaller party, but no entertainment –so all in all this event was a much better do.
After the food and drink we went into a small theater where we were entertained by Bruce Hornsby in a most intimate atmosphere.  Honestly it felt like Bruce was playing just for me in my living room. I was seated across the aisle from Meg who was sitting with her very handsome 19 year old son whom she is justifiably very proud of. He is a really big kid who could easily play Linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks but will probably end up getting an MBA from Stanford (or maybe will do both). I met him briefly and he is a really fine young man.
While Bruce was running complex upbeat riffs on the piano I happened to glance over at Meg.  Like most of the audience, everyone sitting with her was bobbing their heads and tapping their feet to the music –but Meg was still as a rock.  I even bent down to see if maybe she was tapping her feet –but they were still too.  I thought to myself: “On no, tell me it isn’t so.  Does one of the most successful female executives in the US lack rhythm?”  Come on Meg –loosen up. Rock your shoulders, tap your feet –hey even get an iPod.  We know you’re cool. It’s really OK if we see you having a good time.
eBay Live wrapped up last night with the big gala party with great food and music by Kool and The Gang.  I tried to get a look at Meg after the music started but she was backstage, so we will have to wait until Chicago to see Meg swing.
I’ll be doing a special eBay Live issue of the newsletter over the next couple of days.  In the meantime, Karen and I are touring the coast of Maine before we head home.  And Meg –don’t take is seriously it’s all in good fun.  Thank you and Bill and all the eBay employees who worked their butts off to put on a great event.  And thanks to the fine people of the Boston convention center who took such good care of us –it really was one of the best eBay Lives ever.

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