Members Can Get a Sneak Peek at the New eBay Features for 2007

eBay Bid Assistant, Window Shopping, eBay To Go, Share and Connect and changes to About Me and MyWorld among the new features.
eBay has created a page where eBay buyers and sellers can get a sneak peek at the new features just rolled out and those coming over the next couple of months.
Bid Assistant allows you to manage your bidding on multiple items at once.
My World 2.0 makes it easier and to share your interests and connect with other folks on eBay.
The Playground is a separate eBay site that allows us to experiment without changing the entire eBay site. Although a few features of regular eBay are not available on the Playground, bidding and buying are real. The main difference right now is how you find items.
Next Generation My eBay
A streamlined My eBay Page will let you see at a glance all activity happening in the next 24 hours. You can set up custom reminders and notes.
1-Click Bidding can increase your chances of winning in the last 30 minutes. When this feature is ready you’ll be able to bid and confirm your bid with a single click from the current “View Item” page. Other improvements coming include the ability to see the most relevant details about the item at a glance.
Window Shopping is Another feature for the big corporate sellers (How about some new features for the little guy?)
Shopping for clothes, accessories, and jewelry is about to become a whole new experience on eBay. Window Shopping will allow you to browse through photos and filmstrips to discover what you are looking for.

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