eBay Sellers: Give your eBay Auctions A Tune-up

We are coming into the last week of the summer slowdown on eBay, so now is the time to give your auctions an overhaul.
I love creating auctions for new merchandise.  I find it fun to research and write descriptions and come up with clever keyword rich titles –but once I create an item I must admit I am a bit lazy about updating my listings.  Unless I discipline myself it never seems to happen.  So I have set up a schedule.  I use the slow time during the last week of summer and the week between Christmas and New Year to review and update all of my eBay listings. If you wonder why I haven’t been doing many blog posts this week, it is because I am spending several hours a day with my head under the eBay hood giving my auctions a tune-up.
This week as I was getting ready to perform my summer eBay listing tune-up, I came across a great product from eBay PowerSeller, Jenni Hunt who lives down the road from my in Oregon. Jennie calls it The Auction Overhaul. Whether you are creating new listings or just updating your own, Jenni takes you through all of the steps to fine-tune your auctions to increase hits, bids and final values.
I rarely use my blog posts as an advertisement, but I am really high on this product.  Despite my eight + years of experience, I learned several things from Jenni’s excellent tutorial and one of the bonus reports (1079 Auction Power Words That Sell) really kicked up my descriptions.  I used some of these words in my Rachel Ray knife auctions and saw an immediate increase in sales.

Note to Jenni:  If you read this I just want to let you know I am jealous.
I wish I had written this.

Everything you need is right here to give your listings a good kick in the pants… It is like your very own EXTREME MAKEOVER – eBay Auction Edition!
Jenni’s report will teach you valuable tips and techniques to make your listings stand out from the competition… and ensure that bidders who are looking for items like yours find it.
Best of all, this is a hands-on program that includes printable worksheets and training videos to walk you through every important step in listing an auction. Here is just some of what is covered:

  • How to list your item for highest visibility
  • How to determine keywords for your title AND description
  • How to make your listing stand above your competition
  • How to get in the face of potential bidders 24/7
  • How to use FREE photo editing software to edit your pictures, and where to get it.
  • How to write compelling descriptions that sell your product
  • How to avoid common mistakes other sellers make

You don’t just get a list of things to check off. Auction Overhaul gives you a complete set of tools for your very own ‘Do-It-Yourself’ auction critique.
It is like having an auction coach critiquing your listings. Jenni’s principles can be applied to all of your listings – providing you with a powerful tool to fight the competition and get more bids!
Here is just  a short list of what you get:

  • 32 page ebook teaching you how to write sales generating product descriptions
  • Simple Sales Copy Software
  • Audio and PDF Transcript that tell you how to write your way to sales
  • 111 Secret “Selling” Words List you can implement into your descriptions
  • Printable Product Descriptions Templates
    Audio Interview and PDF Transcript
  • 2 FREE Bonuses: 5 page report on how to test your market and a 20 page report that covers 8 ways to market your business

Jennie also includes two bonus free reports:

  • 1079 Words That Sell Like Crazy
  • Descriptive Phrases that sell

Click here to read about the Auction Overhaul–BUT DON’T BUY IT YET.
 I told Jenni how much I liked her material and she agreed to a limited-time discount offer just for my readers.  READ CAREFULLY: First click on the link above to read about the product.  Then if you decide to purchase, please click here.
Please Note: My blog posts get indexed and this discount offer won’t last long, so if you are reading this weeks from now the discount may be gone –but Auction Overhaul is still a good value at the full price.

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