Can eBay Sellers Make a Living From an eBay Store?

If you are just selling from the store format, the answer to that question is probably NO. But…
Selling through an eBay Store only is not impossible –just very difficult.  I received an email from a reader today who is trying to sell toddlers clothes from her store with very little success.  Her products, brand names, listings and photographs are good.  She had a few minor things I suggested she fix –but in general, if she had the traffic, these items should have been selling.
Her problem is lack of traffic.  In my opinion if you are going to sell from an eBay Store you have to do four things to bring in traffic:
1. Run auctions for popular and fast-selling products and use your auction listings to drive traffic to your store.  Don’t rely on someone reading an auction and clicking on your store link.  Use clickable links and some sort of promotion to drive traffic to your store.  For example, I set my auction BIN prices high enough to offer free shipping. I do the same with my store listings.  So in my auctions, you might see a statement like:
We offer Free US shipping if you Buy-It-Now or buy an item from our eBay Store.  The words eBay Store are hyperlinked to the specific store category page that reflects what I am selling.
2. eBay Store listings appear in web searches and Froogle searches. So the important thing here is to optimize your titles with keywords that people will search for. But to have you store listing show up in Froogle there are some options you must select. The subject is too long to explain here, but if you call eBay store support, at 866-322-9105, one of their store technicians will walk you through the process. It only takes a couple of minutes.
3. Opt In to eBay Express:  Qualifying store and fixed price listings automatically appear in eBay Express.  Go to: to learn how to sign up. It only takes a few minutes. (Note: You have to have a feedback score of 100 or over with at least a 98% positive rating to appear on eBay Express
4. Consider using Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising to increase your eBay store sales.  Google and Yahoo are the largest PPC providers, but they are too expensive for most eBay sellers.  Check with and for lower priced alternatives. Some of these sites sell clicks for as little as 3-cents a click.
The topic of setting up an eBay store and using your auctions to drive traffic to it is just one of the subjects I cover in detail in The Complete eBay Marketing System.

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