New Offers for eBay Sellers and Change is Coming to eBay

I have a couple of new offers I want to tell my readers about plus there are changes coming to eBay.
As an author and newsletter publisher I get between 5 and 10 offers a month from various web sites, other authors, eBook publishers, new eBay service providers and so on. These are people who want me to help publicize their book, web site or service.  I look at all of them, but typically I will only help promote the ones that I think will actually benefit my readers. On average this is about 5% or 10% of the offers I look at.
For example, just a few days ago I got a request from a wholesale products web site who wanted to access the eBay seller marketplace. when I looked at the company, I did see some good products at what looked to be prices a seller could resell at –but I also saw a lot of suspicious products that could have been fakes plus listings for obviously knock off watches.  So you won’t be hearing about them from me.  A couple of weeks before that I got a call from a new dropshipping company with some kind of plan to sell a $5,000 program. They offered to pay me $10 for each lead and $750 for each sale.  You won’t be seeing that one either.
I am often asked: “Skip, do you make money promoting some of the things you do?”  The answer to that is: Not always, but often I do.  Most people trying to publicize their ventures offer affiliate commissions to those who help them and I see nothing wrong with accepting a commission if:

  1. The item is a good quality product that I use or would use myself.  My rule is that if I wouldn’t recommend it to my sister I won’t recommend it to my readers.
  2. The person or company behind the offer has a good track record and in most cases will offer a money-back guarantee.

So here are two new programs I have reviewed, that I thought my readers would like to take advantage of.  The first one will interest anyone who sells on eBay.  The second one may only interest a few of you (It’s about Halloween selling) and it will only work for a limited time –but if it interests you I suggest you take a look at it.
1. eBay platinum PowerSeller, Mike Enos, has launched a new –and I think really exciting service for eBay sellers called Auction TNT.  A lot of the programs I recommend to my readers are educational –they teach you how to do something.  Well Auction TNT has a lot of educational content –BUT, more importantly it includes a lot of great tools.  Things like audio and video creators, a program that will show selective Feedback comments right in your auctions, picture hosting, eBook hosting, and much, much more.
Mike offers three levels of membership and you can try any of them for two full weeks for only $1.00. These are great tools and will actually save you money. For example, the monthly membership is less than I currently pay for one tool that Mike includes –so for me that is like getting everything else for free. Click here for the $1.00 Two-week Trial.
2. Halloween is fast approaching.  This is an item I wish I would have heard about a few weeks ago –but if you act now there is still time to take advantage of it.
Sherah Taylor from Auction Moms has published a great niche how to eBook, called Discover the Secrets of How The Pros Find & Sell The HOT Halloween Costumes For High Profits on ebay.
There isn’t much time until Halloween, but there is still time to take advantage of this is you act now. Literally you will need to download it, read it and place your orders and get your auctions listed in the next 10 days.  There is a lot of money to be made every year on Halloween –and many of the same suppliers sell other seasonal goods you can work with as well.  So if you are willing to jump in –and because time is Short, Sherah has agreed to a $10 discount for my readers. Use this link to read about and purchase this great little guide.
New eBay features
There are five words that strike terror into the hearts of every eBay seller:
Change is coming to eBay
This week I have heard from several people about the new search engine.  Here are just a few comments I have heard:
“It brings up many fewer searches”
“What happened to the Completed Items Search –it’s gone.”
“What is the point of the snapshot and gallery view? The photos are all the same size.”
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