Yet Another Change to Videos in eBay Auctions

For the third time this year, eBay has changed how sellers can show videos of their items to buyers

Originally, eBay didn’t have a policy either way about eBay sellers including videos in their auctions. Then they came out with a policy that said that you could link to videos hosting on off-eBay servers (on approved sites, such as YouTube) but could not embed videos in auctions. After the uproar from sellers who had previously been embedding videos, eBay changed the policy to allow either links to videos or embedded videos.

This week eBay announced that links to videos would no longer be permitted. So, basically we’ve come full circle. Videos can be used in auctions, but they must be embedded, just like they had to before eBay had a specific videos policy.

For those who are unsure about embedding videos, here’s a quick recap:

Upload your video to one of eBay’s approved sites (including YouTube, MSN, AOL, Google, etc. You can see the full list here)

Follow the instructions for embedding video (it will vary based on which site you’re using).

Copy the HTML for embedded video and then go to your listing.

Click on the HTML tab in the HTML editor and paste the embedded video HTML where you want it to go. You can switch back to the Standard tab view to complete the rest of your listing.

Click Preview to make sure it is displaying properly.

Personally, I don’t see why eBay is suddenly changing its mind. I guess it’s because they don’t want buyers going off eBay to another site where they might get distracted and forget about buying something. However, this is going to eat up a lot more bandwidth. When they didn’t have an official policy, there weren’t that many sellers embedding videos. Now they’ve drawn attention to it and how it can increase sales, I expect they will see far more sellers choosing to use videos even though they do have to take that extra step to embed them.

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