Build Your eBay Business With a Free eBay Tool That Helps Buyers Find Your Auctions

Here is a super easy way to increase your eBay profits that won’t COST YOU A DIME!
As my readers know… In my books and training courses I stress the profitability of repeat customers.
The first sale you make is the most expensive. It’s MUCH easier (and profitable) to make the 2nd, 3rd, etc, sale.
Would you like to make it easy for customers to buy from you over and over and over?
Unfortunately, eBay makes it difficult to get customers to buy again. If I know a member’s username, I know how to use the Advanced Search on eBay to find items for sale by that user –but many ebay bidders and buyers do not. Your customers have to be eBay experts to know how to find a listing of your items.
How many times do you need to reorder an item, or buy another similar item, from a seller and you  CAN’T REMEMBER WHO YOU BOUGHT IT FROM ON eBay?  –Or you know the username but don’t want to jump through all of the hoops to find the seller.
Here’s an easy way to fix that problem: It’s a really cool free service that couldn’t be easier.
Let’s say your eBay ID is “BestStuff”.
Simply tell your customers: “See all my eBay goodies at”   That’s it.
(Go try it out with your eBay ID… It’s very easy.  What Auction TNT is doing is providing a free utility that will re-direct buyers to a listing of all or your eBay listings.
So how do you make money with this tool?
Let’s say you advertise your unique link “” in your emails, on your invoices, on the boxes/envelopes that you
ship. Or even put the link in your blog or website if you have one.
Here is one way to use this to get repeat sales:  For example, I sell Starbucks collectibles on eBay. I can get some stickers made really cheaply that say See all of my Starbucks collectibles at  Same with my other products: I also sell Rachael Ray cooking products. So when someone buys a knife from me, in the shipping email and on a little note I put in the box, that says:
Please see all my Rachael Ray cookware, books and items at
What if you sell consumables?  If, for example, you were selling pet supplies, candles or spa oils: Just put a little sticker right on the product with your username and .AuctionTNT.  Now people can easily reorder from you just by looking at the product.
This makes it easy for people to find you, re-order and put the profits in your PayPal account!
What if you sold photo accessories and you have a blog about digital photo tips?  Just put the link right in your blog and people can find all of your eBay listings with one click.
If you’re like me, at this point you’re thinking: “Hmmmm… So WHY is it free?”
Here’s the scoop… is a new service for eBay sellers that is taking the eBay selling community by storm. AuctionTNT was designed by a Platinum PowerSeller and provides several easy-to-use eBay tools to EXPLODE your profits.
There is NOTHING ELSE like it in the world. My readers can take a 2 week test drive for just $1.00
They figure that once you see how this simple shortcut link brings you more business, then you will be much more likely to check out all the other profit making tools they offer.
I PROMISE you’ve NEVER seen anything like this site!
So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit YOUR AuctionTNT and check out the different tools to EXPLODE your profits.
  2. Start using “” to drive traffic
    to your site. Nothing to register or sign up for.

This is so great! How come I didn’t think of this? 🙂
P.S. The founder of Auction TNT also told me that next month, Platinum members will be able to define MULTIPLE shortcuts. For example,
say you sell rings and necklaces on eBay. You’ll be able to pick and
So, drop what you’re doing and go invest $1.00 to grab either a Platinum monthly or yearly membership trial at: AuctionTNT.

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