eBay Flip Flops on eBay US/UK Relationship

When eBay first decided to remove eBay UK items from automatically showing up on the US site, many UK sellers were distraught. This effectively took them out of the biggest buyers market and many said their sales plummeted. They now had to list on eBay US to get visibility on the site. US sellers have had to do this for eBay UK for some time, so most people over here thought it was more of a leveling of the playing field.

Now, however, eBay has gone one step further in favor of US sellers. In the next few days, US eBay sellers in collectible categories will find their items automatically showing up in searches on eBay UK. Exactly the opposite of the older UK to US policy. The test is expected to last until early next year and has some specific criteria:

  • You must have over 100 feedback at 98% positive or higher
  • You must have specific shipping instructions for UK buyers
  • Your item must be listed in the Collectibles, Antiques, Stamps, Coins, Art, or Pottery & Glass categories
  • You must offer PayPal (of course).
  • You must be in the U.S.

So, if all of these apply to you, congratulations! You’re about to see a lot more visibilty for your items. If you’re a UK seller in one of these categories, I’m sorry, but you’re about to get a lot more competition.

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