Marketing Tips for eBay Trading Assistants and eBay Christmas Toy Selling Tips

I was on the eBay Radio PowerSeller Hour with Uncle Griff Yesterday and we talked about way that TAs could market their business.
I have been an eBay Trading Assistant (consignment seller) since the program started about 6 years ago.  About 4 years ago I wrote a self-published book called How To Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business and then in 2006 McGraw Hill Publishing Company approached me to write the same book for the public market.
So you can find How To Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business on Amazon, at your local bookstore or from my website eBay Book Store.
Griff and I discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of consignment selling and how some of the various eBay Drop Off stores have been struggling.  The main point I was making is that you have to market yourself all the time if you want to be a consignment seller.  A lot of the eBay drop off stores have failed because they opened in a high-traffic location and waited for people to walk in.
I have always thought the real trick was to find customers who could bring you a large supply of items rather than dealing with hundreds of customers who have one or two items.  The trick to finding these customers is to go looking for them.  Some of these sources include:

  • Bankruptcy Attorneys who have to liquidate farms or businesses.
  • Estate attorneys who are liquidating entire estates
  • Retail stores with lots of merchandise to close out
  • Corporations that are replacing equipment
  • Charities looking to raise money who will provide donations from their members.

My book includes pre-written sales letters to these entities. But these letters are no good unless you send them out. As I told Griff, being a trading assistant is not a business where the world will beat a path to your door. You have to take the door to the world.
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