Select Your Best eBay Feedback Comments and Put Them Right Into Your Auction Listing

The other day I told you about Million Dollar Photos –one of the great tools that comes with Auction TNT
Today I want to tell you about the fantastic NEW version of FAME – The
Feedback Ad Maker for EBay.
This eBay tool quickly scans all your feedback and categorizes them by product. It then allows you to hand-pick the best feedback received for that particular item. It then creates an attractive gallery showcase of this feedback that you display RIGHT IN THE AUCTION!
This is a huge help to me because I sell several different varieties of product.  Fox example, when I list a Chef’s Knife, I can select the best comments that buyers have left about my knives.  If I am selling a BBQ Grill or tools, I can list those comments in my auction.
The result is that people will recognize you as a professional seller with top quality product!
Feedback Maker for eBay (FAME) is part of the Auction TNT package that includes:

  • Product Sourcing Info including a new wholesale source every week
  • Picture, Audio, Video hosting
  • Audio & Video Creation Tools (easy to use)
  • Traffic Multiplying Tools.
  • Ebook (PDF) hosting
  • SECRETS OF Their Success Trial membership.
  • 75 Meg of storage (enough for about 3000 pictures)…and more eBay tools and utilities are added every month.

Most subscription programs give you how to information. Auction TNT gives you not only the how to, but the tools to do it with.
Best of all my readers can get a $1.00 trial of all the tools.  Just go to: Auction TNT today.

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