Small Victory. eBay Tweaks Feedback 2.0

eBay Announced they will remove the item title from buyer feedback.
EBay users who sell on eBay and buy items on eBay to resell were dismayed when Feedback 2.0 was launched, specifically the fact that eBay now showed the title of items purchased below the feedback comment.
This is great for buyers doing research on sellers, and looking at the recent feedback as a seller and the items that this person has sold (and how they were received by the buyers). However, nobody liked the fact that it also showed every item the user had bought on eBay.
There are many sellers who buy items from the wholesale lots categories, or find auctions that are badly listed and snap up items to resell on eBay. If a buyer can see exactly how much the seller paid for the item, they’re going to be less likely to bid above that amount.
Buyers also considered this an invasion of their privacy and expected it to cause some unwanted solicitations via email. Wasn’t the point of masking User IDs to protect the buyers from sellers seeing the items they’re bidding on anyway?
So, after six months, eBay has listened and effective October 10th has removed the item title from the Feedback as a Buyer page. Thankfully, they have kept it on the Feedback as a Seller page, which is where it is most needed. You’ll still see the Feedback as a Buyer page, but now you will only see the feedback comments, with only the item number the feedback related to beneath it.

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