Bomb Threat at eBay Headquarters, eBay Tiffany Trial opens in New York and eBay Sellers Cleaning Up on PlayStation 3 Dual-shock

San Jose, CA Police report that a suspicious package was found at the Hamilton Avenue headquarters of eBay, Inc.
Over 250 eBay employees were told to evacuate the building at that they could work from other buildings on the campus which is located near a high-end residential area, or work from home.
The San Jose Police Bomb Squad is on the scene and are investigating with bomb-sniffing dogs. police reported that the campus will be closed for several hours until they determine the nature of the package and render it safe.  The package was found in the mail room.
In other eBay news, the trial between the luxury goods firm Tiffany of New York and eBay started today.  Tiffany is alleging that eBay was warned that counterfeit Tiffany Goods were being sold on eBay and eBay did not act soon enough and strongly enough to prevent the sale.  The lawsuit was filed back in 2004 when Tiffany sued eBay over the fake goods. Tiffany & Co. claims that eBay allowed fake copies of their trademarked items to be sold on the website.
At the heart of the lawsuit is a major issue for all online sellers: Who is responsible for policing a shopping site for counterfeit products –eBay or Tiffany? Legal experts have said the decision could set a significant precedent and no matter what the verdict it will probably be appealed.
In other news, consumers are complaining that eBay sellers are gouging customers by selling the hot new PlayStation game Dual-Shock at prices far above retail. The MSRP of Dual-Shock is $49.95, but there have been several sales on eBay over $80 and some as high as $115. The grey market for the game controller has been caused by Sony’s decision to sell the Dual-shock strictly in Japan through the end of the year.  Some Japanese sellers are selling them direct from Japan and US Sellers and Canadian eBay sellers are buying them from Japan and reselling them here.  In addition to the high cost, sellers are passing along the international shipping charges of about $20 to $25.

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