eBay Changes The Power Seller Program Making It Easier To Keep Your Ratings

Edurne Jorda from eBay’s PowerSeller Support announced today that changes to the Power Seller program will take affect next week

When I was at eBay Live, Bill Cobb or Meg Whitman (I can’t remember which) announced that eBay would be updating the Power Seller program to accommodate seasonal sellers and expand telephone support to Bronze PowerSellers.  It has been so long since eBay Live that I forgot about it until I saw eBay’s announcement this morning.

If you sell on eBay at the power seller level, or are trying to become an eBay power seller, the changes aren’t huge, but they are welcome.  In the past, eBay looked at your status as an average over the prior three months. So if you qualified for Bronze PowerSeller by doing $1,000 a month for three months, or Silver PowerSeller at $3,000 a month –and then you went on vacation and your average fell, you would lose your status or drop back to the next level. 

Now eBay will not only look at your 3-month average, they will look at your 12-month average as well.  This benefits seasonal sellers like myself.  A big part of our business is the outdoor garden market for fire pits and Barbecue grills and accessories.  So we have no trouble maintaining our normal Gold PowerSeller level through the Spring and most of the summer, but we drop down when we take vacation in August.  We also take a vacation in the Winter, usually in February to recover from the holiday season, and our sales will fall again.  In some years this has knocked us out of Gold status for a month or two until we can get over average up. 

I don’t have room here to show all of the tables for the different levels, so I will just use Gold PowerSeller as an example. You can see the complete chart and get more details on the program HERE

So now eBay will look not only at $10,000 a month for 3 months to maintain Gold, they will also look at did sellers maintain $120,000 in sales (GMV) over the past 12 months.  You can qualify either way.

There is an additional tier for items sold.  For example if your total value in sales was under $3,000 for 3 months or $120,000 for 12 months, but you sold a lot of items, eBay would look at that instead. For a Gold Power Seller the item tier would be 300 mo/3600 yr.

eBay also announced they would expand telephone support to Bronze PowerSellers.  This is a huge benefit for new sellers starting out who have just qualified for power seller. After November 15th, you can log into your powerseller page and see your rating. The phone support telephone number for your level will be displayed there.

Each month eBay automatically sends email invitations to qualified sellers. To qualify, members must:

  • Have been an active eBay member for 90 days
  • Average a minimum of $1000 in sales per month, for three consecutive months for Bronze (see the table on the power seller page for other levels).
  • Achieve an overall ebay Feedback rating of 100, of which 98% or more is positive
  • Have an eBay account in good financial standing (pay your eBay bills on time)
  • Meet the three month or the annual sales requirement for your level

One of the little known benefits eBay power sellers get it access to eBay merchandise only available to eBay power sellers and access to an eBay wholesale buying page called the eBay Reseller Marketplace.

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