Long Awaited Google Assassin Launches Today

The author of Day Job Killer and Project X is at it again. His latest product, Google Assassin launches today at Noon Pacific and 3 PM Eastern
Some of you may remember that I helped Promote the highly profitable Google AdSense program Day Job Killer earlier this year.  That was followed by Project X that showed ordinary folks how to copy the really successful online affiliate marketers and AdSense gurus.
I used both of those programs to make money from clickbank ads and Google AdSense.  I also used Chris’s techniques to improve sales from my own AdWords program to promote my products.  Just that one technique easily paid for his course many times over.
Like anything out there on the web once a lot of people start doing it these techniques become highly competitive. The other problem is just the work involved.  Now Chris has come out with Google Assassin that automates the whole process of affilaite marketing and pay per click advertising.  The new system actually includes tools –some that reside on your computer and some that reside on his server.
Its a bit complicated to explain, so the best thing to do is watch the video. The neatest thing about this program is that you can use it to make some spare change by spending an hour or so getting everything set up and then put it on autopilot.  Or, if you really want to work at it, you can make some really serious money.
This is not for everyone.  If you are just getting started or struggling with your eBay business, just keep working on that.  But if you have some spare time and would like to make some extra money –this is a very simple system to set up and run.  You can watch a short flash video here that explains everything.

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