What is the real secret to making money on eBay?

That headline is one of the most frequent reader emails I get followed by what sells best on eBay or what should I sell on eBay.
A few weeks ago I shared a list of some of the awful terms that sellers use in their auctions. Today, I thought I would share some of the more interesting emails I get from readers.
These are just a small sample from the past three months. Some of them are well intentioned, other frustrating and others from people who I really wonder about.  And, yes, these are real emails from readers. You can’t make this stuff up.
I have copy/pasted them exactly as they came in, so the grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalization are exactly as received with no corrections on my part: I have removed the names and email addresses to protect the guilty.

i think that people who sale on ebay should pay taxes becasue there no better than people who pick up pop can for a living and please do not give my email address or name thank you.
Product: Ten Profitable eBay Niche
message: I need to get a refund for this item. It looks like a lot of work. I look for free money from eBay
 IF Skip McGrath is making so much money on ebay, why is he SELLING this information?
It looks to me, like he’s making money SELLING INFORMATION.
WHY should I BUY His imformation, when like everything else…it doesn’t deliver. WHY would he sell or even TELL his secrets?
Doesn’t he make enough on ebay without selling his secrets on a website.
I’ve sold on ebay for several years. (I looked up this seller and her feedback was 43, most of it as a buyer)

Skip – Your stuff is the best, but what should I sell on eBay to make the most money???
Your newsletter is just more ebay propaganda to get out money in more fees for ebay.
Skip do you teach me the secrets that work and if you do are they still secrets if you teach them to so many people? I want just the real secrets not the ones you sell to other people. Can we make a deal? I am happy to pay extra.
I looked at every wholesale source there is and none of them really sell at wholesale. How can people make money if no one really has wholesale prices. Why won’t real wholesale companies sell to me.
Mr. McGrath: What sells best on ebay? What is hot product and where can I get it? Thank you.
I live in Nigeria and work in orphanage and want to do eBay from here to make donation to our good cause. Can you send me a free book to help my orphans, God bless to you.
What products sells best on ebay and where can I find the best wholesale source.
You are screw job and so is ebay paypal why shold I buy you book ????????????? But I llike your newswletters
Mr. Skip I would like to be your agent in Nigeria and can sell millions of your product. Plesae contact me immediately to disuc uss this interesting and profitable business proposal. (This was sent from the same email address as the orphanage)
eBay hoses people and takes them for a ride why are you helping them skip mcgrath…I bet you make money too.

The last one is interesting.  I am not sure if he is confusing hoses with horses or where the ride will take me.
As you can see several of the questions are from people who want to know what to sell on eBay, or what sells best on eBay. I get this question stated several ways and is probably the most asked single question.  All of my books and several free articles deal with this question in great detail. I will take one more stab at the answer:
Forget selling hot consumer products. There is too much competition and the margins are very low. Find a specialized niche that is less competitive and most importantly find a niche that you know something about and enjoy working in.  Here is a link to my Free Articles page where you can read several articles about what sells on eBay, niche marketing and where to find the wholesale products to sell on ebay.
As for secrets; If you read the sales letters for my products, you won’t find many mentions of “secrets.”  I don’t keep any secrets for myself.  Clever sellers are always looking for angles and often come up with new techniques, but once they use them then everyone else can pretty much see them.  So are there any secrets?  yes – but they don’t last very long. If you really want to make money on eBay, there is no substitute for learning the basics, doing the work and then staying on top of your business.

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