Get an eBay Listing Tool, eBay Research Tool and a Website Builder All in One Package

Introducing Magniphy – Your Complete eBay and Website Solution

In a perfect world the budding eBay seller would be able to get an eBay Listing Tool, market research and an easy-to-use website builder, design services, live technical support and even business advice and coaching all in one place. Well I won’t claim we have reached the "perfect" world yet –but this week we are a little closer.

I have recently concluded an agreement to partner with Magniphy, the newest company to emerge on the eBay and online marketing scene. In short Magniphy provides:

  • Web Storefront Builder
  • Magniphy eBay Research (Powered by HammerTap)
  • Magniphy eBay Listing Tool
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • And more…
    What is the "And More…?"

Besides signing up for these great tools all in one place at a great discount price, Magniphy’s marketing and design experts can help you with website, eBay store and logo designs, help with SEO marketing, eBay and internet marketing training –from webinars to online training materials and even personal business coaching.

Let’s look at the eBay Listing tool first.

Unlike any other listing tool on the market today, the Magniphy tool helps you create great listings. As you create your title it shows you what makes a great title. As you write your description, it outlines your description for you –and if you need help you can click on a box and get writing and listing tips. The same goes for photos and writing your return, shipping and feedback policies. It is not only an easy-to-use listing tool, it is an intuitive training tool. And it saves you money on eBay fees that offsets the cost of the tool.

Magniphy’s Listing tool is like having a Platinum or Titanium PowerSeller sitting right at your elbow as you create listings.

The Magniphy tool includes free photo hosting so you don’t have to pay eBay photo fees and free scheduling –not just a one-time scheduler either. You can schedule your auctions to launch automatically at times and days of the week you set. Here are some other features.

Templates: The Lister comes stocked with professionally-designed templates to give your auctions a professional, trustworthy look and feel.
Product Tracker: The Tracker helps you keep track of each product you have created auctions for, so you can use them over and over. Making simple changes to auctions you’ve already created is simple, too.

Advanced Settings: If you’re an experienced eBay seller, the Advanced Settings mode will allow you to set up advanced auction options, such as multiple-item and dutch listings, as well as additional shipping options (like international shipping).

I was at Magniphy’s headquarters last week and spent a lot of time observing and playing with the tool and I am very impressed and excited. Right now the tool is perfect for the beginning to intermediate seller. But I saw the development schedule and over the next few weeks and months we will be adding more advanced services including inventory control and a few things I can’t talk about yet.

Now for research.

For the past year of so I have been offering my readers a special deal on HammerTap Research. I personally use HammerTap and have come to prefer it over the other research tools on the market. So I have good news on two fronts:

HammerTap has reduced their price from $24.95 to $19.95 per month. But my readers can get a 10-day free trial and subscribe at $17.95 a month as long as you have the program. If all you want is HammerTap, just use this link:
Now the really good news: If you opt to use the complete Magniphy solution for eBay and website marketing, you get the full suite of HammerTap research tools included as part of the deal. HammerTap has agreed to license their research tool to Magniphy.
OK, So you’re ready to set up your website

Magniphy’s Web Storefront Builder is based on proven technology that currently powers thousands of web sites. With Magniphy anyone can create a simple basic e-commerce web site in a few hours with no technical training and no knowledge of web site programming language or design. If you can type and know how to save photos to your hard drive, then you have all the knowledge you need to get started.

But it doesn’t end there. As you grow, gain experience and expand your business, your web site can grow with you.

Rather than confuse new online sellers and first-time web builders with all the bells and whistles they don’t need, we have the bells and whistles hiding in the back room. When you are ready, just ask, and we can turn them on. Magniphy offers virtually all of the advanced features you would expect from a sophisticated e-commerce solution without the big up-front learning curve you would experience with the major providers.


If you are like me you probably hate the "trouble ticket" system. It drives me crazy when I pay good money for an online service like a research tool or a website builder, if I have to jump through hoops to get support. One company insists I go online, log in and fill out a support ticket. Then when I try to send the ticket, up pops a bunch of FAQs that I have to read first before my ticket will send. Then about 24 hours later I get an email with more FAQs and maybe a partial answer to my question.

Sorry – I prefer to just send an email –or even better pick up the phone and call. Now that is my idea of support and that is what Magniphy provides.


Lastly there is training. How do you use all of these great tools? When you sign up for Magniphy to get access to our online learning tools –which I have contributed to– don’t be surprised if you see me in some of the videos or webinars. I’ve been busy working with Magniphy on their eBay and wholesale sourcing training. Or you can take it a step further and sign up for the Magniphy University and access all the videos, webinars and even get personal coaching. Over the coming year, I’ll be contributing more and more to this curriculum, too.

So go here now to check out Magniphy and see if you will be the first one to join the $100,000 in sales club.

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