Increase Your eBay Profits With an About Me Page?

A good About Me Page can increase bids and profits and you can use it to drive traffic to your web site or eBay Store.

I am always amazed when I open an auction and notice that the eBay seller does not have an About Me Page (AMP). The eBay About Me Page is an excellent selling tool for many reasons.

Why should I have an About Me Page ?

First of all a lot of eBay buyers like to click on the About Me Page (AMP) to see who they are buying from. This is especially true if your feedback is less than 100.

There are hundreds of giant companies selling on eBay, but many buyers still like to buy from other people.

The About Me page is a great place to personalize the buying experience. Put a photo of yourself and even your family and your pets on the page. Believe me this really works with some people. Although the effect on your bids and final values may be small –as little as one or two percent, that adds up over time.

The About Me page is an excellent place to differentiate yourself from your competition. Tell people what is different or special about your products, how you sell, or any warranties or guarantees you give.

If you sell in a specialty niche market, your AMP is a great place to tell the buyer about any expertise you have.

The AMP is the one place where eBay allows you to promote your web site or recommend other products including those will affiliate links that make you money. If you can get visitors to click from your AMP to your web site, you can sell them merchandise without paying eBay fees.

If you read Jim Cockrum’s excellent book, The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay, you will learn how to turn your AMP into a great source of extra income without breaking any eBay rules. Over 80,000 eBay users are using Jim’s system to make extra money from their eBay auctions.

Take a few minutes to browse eBay looking for About Me pages to get some ideas before creating your own.  You can use eBay’s html editor or create your own html.  Here are links to eBay’s About Me Page Instructions:

Go to the Create About Me page

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