Is eBay Still The Leader in Online Auction Listings?

The answer may surprise you. Here is a very interesting press release from

While most of us were hurrying to finish our holiday preparations last weekend a major goal was achieved by a small Oregon company known as (

The current items listed numbers quietly went on climbing, despite the fact that the item count was dropping on industry Goliath eBay. According to online auction monitoring sites, the number of auction items listed on eBay was 9,815,433 as of Sunday the 23rd, while the item number count topped 10,144,000 and kept climbing. As of the time this announcement was written, eBay’s count was reported at 8,985,037, while the item count was more than 10,295,400.

Chris Fain, President of says, "One of the many reasons for the explosive growth in the number of items listed is that we don’t charge for each individual item but charge only a low monthly or yearly membership fee and our first million Founding Members are guaranteed low membership rates for life." When asked about eBay’s dropping numbers Fain said he expected eBay would have to soon respond to build their item count with special offers like free listing days.

While it’s true that auction/item counts fluctuate, is the only online auction ever to surpass eBay’s item count figures. Fain says that the still small but rapidly growing company expects 2008 to be a banner year!

My experience:

The listing tool is somewhat basic –you have to use basic html commands or you can use a free html editor like PageBreeze. This will have to improve if can achieve success. But the site is getting traffic and I tried listing two items.  One sold and one didn’t.  If you want to try, here is a promotional code to get you started: 28792AAA with a discount offer. The Founding member deal is excellent but won’t be offered much longer. So be sure and use this code when you sign up: 28792AAA at

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