Will eBay Lower Seller Fees in January? and FREE eBay Niche Product eBook for my readers.

There has been no shortage of speculation and rumors that eBay will lower fees this January.
I think there is now some concrete basis to the speculation.  In today’s AuctionBytes Newsletter, Ina Steiner reported on a conversation with eBay spokesman, Hani Durzy, that “we are always looking at ways to adjust the marketplace to make sellers more successful.” Durzy further commented in the article, “It appears that the pain point caused by the ratio of upfront fees versus success fees seems to be a little more severe in fixed-price listings.” But, he added, “everything is on the table” as evident by the testing eBay has done in 2007.
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Here is an item from the current issue of The eBay Seller’s News that I wanted to mention in my blog just in case you missed the newsletter.
If you follow my newsletter and books, you know that I am a big believer in niche markets as the perfect way for the little guy or gal to become successful selling on eBay. If you are new to eBay or just starting to learn how to sell on eBay, then niche markets are a great –and low risk way to start.
For a limited time eBay expert Scott Foster is allowing me to give away the instant-download, (ebook version) of his newest book to my customers and subscribers as a special gift.
It’s called, “91 Common Everyday Items that Bring Huge Profits on eBay!
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