Selling on eBay During The Football Playoffs

I just had one of my worst weekend sales on eBay ever.

Even experience PowerSellers screw up.  Last week I just wasn’t thinking when I set my auctions up to launch and I launched most of them to end right during the NFL playoffs.  I knew better –in fact I even write about the danger of launching auctions that end on holiday weekends and during events like the World Series, NFL playoffs, and the Superbowl –but I just wasn’t thinking.

I wasn’t sitting there during the games last week and launching auctions –in fact I was watching the games. The problem is that I use an automatic scheduler and I was working on it earlier during the week and not thinking ahead to the weekend.

It was a pretty expensive mistake.  I had 40 auctions close today during the Dallas/Giants game and only two of them had successful bids. That’s a lot to spend in fees but the bigger loss is the missed sales.  Monday is also an excellent day to end auctions. Had I not had a brain fade, I could have set these auctions to end the following day and I would have been closer to my normal sell through rate of 65% to 70% instead of 5%.

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